Life Update

If you would have told me a year ago that I would be engaged and planning a wedding now, I would have thought you were out of your mind. God is so cool how He works things out and how He plans our lives so perfectly. That being said, there are so many changes and new things happening! I forget that many people don’t know what is happening and sometimes forget who knows what! So I thought I would just put it out there and answer some questions that have been asked lately!

1. ///Have you chosen a wedding date and location?///
Yes! We are getting married Oct 30, 2016! We both love fall and this date worked out perfectly for us! It was tricky to find a date that everyone was available since we are in the wedding industry as well as our vendors, maid of honor, and a groomsman! Everything fell into place though with this date and we are so excited. We are getting married in Benton Harbor, Michigan at the Blue Dress Barn.

2. /// Why Benton Harbor?///
Josh and I both have always dreamed of a barn wedding. We love the rustic look and feel and wanted something different than a typical ballroom. We have friends who have been married at the Blue Dress Barn and Josh has shot at another barn owned by the same owner. We had an opportunity to tour this venue and fell in love! It was so perfect for us and we got a great deal on it which was an added bonus. We realize that it is a bit of a drive but our families live about an hour away to start with and they would have to drive no matter where we got married! Michigan is beautiful in the fall and it could be fun for people to take the weekend away.

3. ///Where will you be living?///
I will be moving to Tinley Park after the wedding. Josh has a beautiful house there and it just makes sense for us to settle there. It is going to be a big transition but I am excited for our life together. Until then, I am soaking up all the sweet moments in St. Charles and Geneva!

4. /// Will you still book weddings in the St. Charles area?///
Absolutely!! Tinley is only about an hour away and I will absolutley travel back for weddings. Parts of my heart will always be here:)

5. /// Will you and Josh be combining businesses?///
Yes!! While we will be working weddings together as JKS Productions and Sabrina Nohling Photography this year, we will officially combine next year as The Siegers. We want to get the word out though that we are working as a couple and currently have a photo/video package for our couples!

6. ///Are you still working for Visitng Angels?///
My heart has always been for the elderly. But over the past few months, my heart has been growing more and more restless about working the two jobs. After a lot of prayer and consideration, I went full time as a phogorapher last week!! It is a huge step and I am excited to see what God will do! I will be able to focus on growing my current business as well as the future business for Josh and I!

I think that might cover it all for now! Most of this is about Josh but as we are combining our lives, big changes are happening! I just thought this might be a nice update for those of you wondering!