Brennan and Brady

Last week I got to go a take pictures of my adorable cousins Brady and Brennan. It was Brady’s month pictures so we headed to a park near by! Brady is so cute and just look at those blue eyes! He looks so much like his mom:)Brennan was having a good time with his dad so we also got a few of him too! They tend to run when they see me with the camera but I think we did pretty well!

Cute shot of Brady crawling away!

Cheese Brennan!

This is what happens when you get the brothers together:)


First Post! Olivia!

Hey everyone! So this is my first official post on the new Sabrina Marie Photography blog! I’m so excited for this because now I can share my sessions and background information on all the wonderful people I shoot!!
So this gorgeous girl is Olivia! Take a guess on how old she is because she looks like 5 years older than she is:)
I have the wonderful honor of having Olivia in my smallgroup at church in Genesis. She is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met! Always trying to help others and is a girl who knows how to love! She also knows how to laugh which I love! Our session was filled with crazy faces and tons of laughter. I’m glad her mom came with too because she was awesome!! Enjoy!


Look at those eyes!

I knew I would get good laughing pictures from her!