Judah | Musician

So I have this awesome friend, Judah, who is a great singer and just a great guy! I could listen to him sing all day long! Seriously, he is so good! If you want to check out his Youtube page go HERE:)For our shoot Judah took me to this creepy but cool abandoned farmhouse in Barrington Hills. The estate had burned down and left a lot of debri which I thought look so sweet:)and the fields surrounding the house were beautiful!! Other than me locking my keys in my car, we had a great time!

This is the inside of the sweet house!

Judah serenading me:)Yes! haha

I love this:)Album cover?

So great!

Thanks for looking:)


Meet Josh!! He is so cool! He loves Jesus, dancing, and photography!I met Josh at a wedding I was second shooting at and he was the videographer. He was super nice and we became facebook friends. He has been a huge encouragement to me in my photography and I love that he is  a fan of mine! So since I rarely shoot guys we decided to go out and do it. This was shot at the beautiful Leroy Oaks in St. Charles. Josh was such a good model!



Meet my brother Noah:)He’s my best friend and I love this dude so much! He is the funniest dorkiest oddest person you will ever meet. and he is so cute! Most people hear me talk about Noah and they think that he is young because I talk about him like he is 5 but he really is 15 haha oh well. I was able to get Noah out for a photoshoot and if you look in the corner of his mouth you can see what I bribed him with . Seriously Noah? Wipe your mouth! These are totally for fun and some of them are out of focus from me laughing so hard but I always have a good time with him.


And of course we had to get some with both of us:)

Friends forever:)

Veronica and Matt

When I first met these two it was an odd encounter. It was a few years ago at a starbucks and I was going for a job interview for this pizza place called Macianos. They were both the ones interviewing me and I remember leaving thinking I don’t even know them but I know they have a thing. I could just tell. Well flash foward a few years and they still have a thing:)I eventualy did get that job and Veronica was my manager for my time working there. It was nice to see both her and Matt out of the restaurant.I have never seen Veronica so happy as she is with Matt and I love it!! It was a beautiful fall day and I love all the colors in these! So enjoy these two and all their cuteness:)

Vero you are gorgeous !


so sweet!


Colleen and Keith

Talk about a fun couple!! These two were awesome! I am not going to lie and say I wasn’t nervous because I was! I am used to doing younger couples but these two blew me away:)they were so fun and in love. I didn’t have to pose them at all; just let them do their thing! They dated years ago and then broke up. 19 years later they are back together and so in love! It was inspiring to me and I am blessed to have met them and shoot em! so enjoy the coolest, cutest couple ever:)

She’s so pretty!!
How cool is he?!

This one is fantastic:)blow it up big !

November 9, 2010 - 2:50 am

Colleen - You are AMAZING!

November 9, 2010 - 2:51 am

Any Name - OMG I love these.. two very special people so deeply in love.. Love ya Cheese and Colleen…

XOXO Rissa.

Great job on the pics. Simply beautiful.

November 9, 2010 - 3:08 am

foxharley - Amazing picture…i am blown away!