Julia | headshots

Have you ever met someone who is good at pretty much everything they do? That person to me is Julia! I have grown up admiring Julia because she was so talented and awesome at everything she tried! We played in band together and I still wish I was as good of a clarinet player as she was!:)But Julia is seriously one of the sweetest, prettiest girls I know! She was such a trooper because it was so cold and windy! But we cranked them out in record time and then ran to our cars to warm up! check these out!
December 6, 2010 - 12:31 am

Julia - You are too sweet!!! Thanks so much!

Work it Shelby

I love it when my cousin Shelby comes to town. Sure I love all the late night talks, Justin Bieber videos, and rocking out to taylor swift. But what I really love is when we get to do a photoshoot:)haha! Shelby is a giant, has perfect hair and knows how to work it!! We always get the best pictures ! Looking at these you can see why I look foward to when she comes:)Although it was crazy cold outside we hurried and got it done! Enjoy!


Jackie | bif

Meet my bif Jackie:)Don’t know what bif is? Me neither we just say it:)I have been dying to do Jackie’s pictures but it is impossible because she goes to school at U of I ! But when she was home for break we went out despite the rain and grossness of the weather. She worked it and her long hair that I am obsessed with:)This chick is so legit and her life and testimony of faith challenges me in my life. She has a fire and a heart for the gospel that I love! Jackie it is cheesy to say you are beautiful on the inside and out but it is sooo true!

rawr haha!
Look at those eyes!
Her eyes disappear when she laughs:)

Megan :)

“Megan you have creepy eyes!! but in a good way” This is how I started our session by saying this. This may sound rude but if anyone understands my obsession with peoples’ eyes, it was a good thing! Just look at them! and her! ahh too much beauty to handle:)I met Megan this summer and although we may not have started out on the best foot, I love her now! I am so blessed to know her and everyone needs to be friends with her:)This girl is so on fire for God and has this contagious laugh and happy spirit! So check out my beautiful friend:)

Red TOMS are awesome!
I <3 this!!

Judah | Musician

So I have this awesome friend, Judah, who is a great singer and just a great guy! I could listen to him sing all day long! Seriously, he is so good! If you want to check out his Youtube page go HERE:)For our shoot Judah took me to this creepy but cool abandoned farmhouse in Barrington Hills. The estate had burned down and left a lot of debri which I thought look so sweet:)and the fields surrounding the house were beautiful!! Other than me locking my keys in my car, we had a great time!

This is the inside of the sweet house!

Judah serenading me:)Yes! haha

I love this:)Album cover?

So great!

Thanks for looking:)