Original 2016

Oh my goodness, is today’s post special! Every year, 3 of my closest friends and I attend the Original conference in Rockford, IL. It has become our yearly tradition is always a time for us to grow closer together and with the Lord. We hear incredible truth spoken, stories of God’s faithfulness, and experience powerful things in His presence. Every year just gets better and better but I don’t think any year will ever top this one. My roommate Cait is an incredible woman who has been through some really hard times over the years. The conference chooses to bless deserving women every year and this year we nominated Cait. We couldn’t believe it when she got chosen and we had to keep it a secret for 2 weeks! On the last day, she suddenly saw her face on the screen and then we all lost it with the tears. You can see all of that at the end of this video! I have no words to sum up how special it was to be able to love on Cait and to see her be brave and share her story! Check out the video below! And be prepared to cry even if you don’t know her or her story!!




Tegan & Reise ::: Delight Illinois Stylized Session

I am so excited to share these pictures today! This past weekend I hosted my first styled shoot for the girl in Delight. Some of you may have heard me talk about Delight before. For those of you who don’t know though, Delight is a ministry that I am apart of that is for teen creative girls all over the country. It is filled with writers, artists, graphic designers, singers, photographers and is a beautiful ministry for them to be encouraged and loved. I am a Big Sister for the group and there are a lot of Illinois girls that I haven’t met. So the idea came to my head about hosting a session for them to build their portfolio. I remember when I was starting out that having a bride and groom to photograph and practice on was hard to come by. You can’t just crash a wedding and ask if you can practice your photography:)So all the plans started coming together! 2 of my best friends had just gotten married so they were on board to model! They thought it was so fun to get back in their wedding clothes! Then a studio opened, makeup artist booked, and florist picked! It was so fun to work with these vendors because some of them I haven’t met and it was a great opportunity to work together. So many people helped with this which meant so much! My roommate Lauren did Tegan’s updo and my sweet fiance took his entire day to help me and be my right hand! We had a blast and it was so cool to see the girls do different poses and set ups! I will post behind the scenes tomorrow but here are some images!

Studio: True Grace Photography

Makeup: Carly Pribich

Florals: Jordan Clare