Tegan and Reise | the lovebirds

She is my best friend. I arranged a meeting between her and him. and now nearing three years later they are together and in love:)I love these two so much and their relationship makes me so happy!! Reise adores Tegan and they are perfect together. You can totally tell in these pictures! I wanted to try and surprise Tegan because she hadn’t seen Reise in a few weeks but next time I shouldn’t text her mom about the surprise haha Nevertheless they were so happy to be together and I got some of my favorite shots of the year !







May 30, 2011 - 5:07 pm

Tegan - LOVE THESE TO DEATH! Thank you so much for trying to surprise me girlie! They are beautiful!!!!!

May 30, 2011 - 8:19 pm

katie - i love the ones of tegan trying to flex her “muscle”

i love them!

Cousins part 1

So this week it happens to be cousins week on my blog. I took these pictures on easter and have never gotten around to showing all of you! first up we have my cousin Thomas. We decided to do a quick shoot for his mom as a surprise on Mothers’ Day.

And then is my beautiful older cousin Amber!!! She wanted some new pictures so she got her model face on and worked it:)

May 23, 2011 - 10:16 pm

Tegan - Love the pine trees as a rustic background! :) Great job, as always!

I have big eyes.. so what?

Happy Monday to all of you reading this:)I am tired out from the weekend so here is a little random post on my eyes haha

People are always talking about my eyes. Alot of times it is good things; like how pretty they are, or how much light they shine etc. But then I hear some negative things as well; like that they are too big and crazy. You see, I am very expressive with my face. It is weird but I guess I show alot of emotion through my face and especially my eyes.

I have finally found a use and a purpose for my huge eyes:)At work, I have to be as goofy and as happy as I can be. It makes the residents happy and I know I can bring a lot of joy to them from it. And this may sound weird but I just make the face in the picture below and I can get SO many laughs from people. And it is really cool because there are a few people who can’t even really talk or are pretty out of it and I can get a chuckle or a smile from them. So I am thankful that I can use something that some people say is negative and use it to bring laughter to the elderly. So I am not going to change how expressive I am with my eyes. It is who I am. This is a totally random post but I hope you are able to look at yourself and turn flaws into something good! Don’t listen to the haters:)

May 18, 2011 - 4:17 am

Chantel Ferraro - I love you eyes! I love what you see through them in your photography and the warmth they give me when you are talking to me! I adore you Sabrina! Keep it up! You Rock!

Best Friend| Hannah and Madison

“Friends will sometimes ruin & destroy
while my best friend & i will build & restore”

This was the quote that Hannah put on her facebook profile pic and I just love it! These two are such awesome girls! I know them from church where I am a leader. I would have loved to have a session like this with my best friend when I was their age. With pretty dresses, wind and lots of laughter we had a blast!


Click it or Kick it

So I have wanted to do this more but I just never do !! So here is an edition of Click or Kick it…

The good things in my week:

Ignite: We started out the week with abig worship event and it was soooo great!! Loved taking the time to worship our Savior and pray with my friends!

Friends coming home: I love this time of year because colleges finish up semesters and my friends come home!! Alot of times they would rather be at school but I love being able to see them all summer

Nick: my wonderful older brother came home for the week. This is a very exciting event in the Nohling household because we love Nick and only see him a few times a year. Yay:)

Mothers Day: Happpppy Mothers day to my mama:)

And here are the things I’d rather forget:

Unconsistentency: that def isn’t a word but I just made it one. I have been trying really hard to get in the bible on a daily basis and this week I failed…

Saying goodbye: At work a few employees moved on to other jobs so that was hard to say goodbye especially one woman who I worked with alllll the time and taught me everything I know!

Bad hair dye jobs: ummmm I tried to boost my hair with this in shower thing and it turned my hair orange. good thing I was able to fix it without people noticing haha