Scotty & Patti ::: Downtown Elgin Winter Engagement Session

In one of our first emails, I remember Patti telling me she had a lot of tattoos and wanted to make sure I was ok with that. I think my reaction was “are you kidding me? I love tattoos!” I knew then this was going to be a good match. I met them at a coffeeshop, I instantly fell in love.They have such a cool vibe; with her bright red hair and his slicked back hair and beard. But I fell in love even more when I got to see how they interact and hear their story.  They also have the biggest smiles and just adore each other. So I was so excited for their engagement session and they didn’t disappoint. We did the session in downtown Elgin which is where a lot of their relationship has taken place. It was freezing but they were all smiles and we had a blast. At one point we were at Al’s Cafe not even taking pictures. We were just talking and I love how they have turned into friends.

February 6, 2015 - 3:45 pm

Tina Torre - absolutely stunning!

February 6, 2015 - 4:42 pm

Jaime Patterson - These are fantastic and what an adorable couple!

February 6, 2015 - 6:48 pm

Arielle Larkin - Love this!!!!

February 6, 2015 - 11:15 pm

Laura Schmitz McGovern - You two are just adorable! Can’t wait for the wedding!

February 7, 2015 - 3:02 am

Erin Westermeyer - Oh my goodness! Love these!!!

January 2015 ::: Instagram Recap

It is February 2nd already! Can you believe it? It seems like just last night I was dancing the new year in with my wonderful friends! It was a good month for me. I This is my off season so I have enjoyed getting to spend more time with friends and slow down a bit. It was hard in a few aspects. The start of my new job has been a transition. I am not a person who handles change very well. But I am learning so much and I am feeling like I found my groove again.

My word for this year has been intentional. I want to be intentional with my days; not letting them fly by while I just exist. I want to be mindful of my time, be intentional in my relationships, and pay attention to the small, daily choices that make up my days. It is going to be a process to learn and live out this word, but I can already see how God is working in my heart. So here is a little recap of 2015 this far!


1. January 1st was a wonderful day and one to remember. We threw a big New Year’s Eve party and it was a blast!
2. Remember my word? My friends and I all wrote our word down and shared it for the world to help keep us accountable to it.
3. This is the year for new recipes. These salmon cakes were so good!
4. I had an idea for a new hashtag: #teatimewithsabby. Yes it is silly and weird to create my own hashtag but I love tea and I love sharing it with people. So throughout the year I want to document all of the wonderful souls and conversations I get to share over tea!



1. My favorite Christmas present has quickly become a treasured item. It is a journaling bible from my parents!
2. Another new recipe and one that I will make all of the time! Lemon chicken and capers…yum:)
3. We had a cold day here at home, so it was snuggle time with my roomates and their pup Zoe.
4. With a new job comes new hours and I have to learn to become a morning person. Thankfully the sun rises and takes my breath away some days!
1. I spent a lot of time with this dear friend this month:)
2. A reminder of how God is teaching me to savor my days and really live them out.
3. I read this book this month and HIGHLY reccommend it!
4. More tea:)
1. My first wedding of 2015 happened and this was my lovely second shooter!
2. Our new community group started and Micah has become a great friend!
3. Light speaks to me and inspires me.
4. I have been reading through Galations this month and the truth in that book has been rocking my world.
1. I had a session with this wonderful couple and it reminded me why I do what I do.
2. My friend Brit has amazing handwriting and wrote some kitchen truth for us.
3. I liked my lunch this day.
4. Another slow morning of savoring the little moments.
1. My roomies and I stepped out of our comfort zones to take cookies to our neighbors. I am excited to get to know them more this year!
2. I photographed my first styled shoot! It was such a fun experience and I will have more to share on that later.
3. This weekend we were snowed in and it was lovely to just slow down. I made my favorite chili recipe!

So on to February! This month I have some fun sessions planned. a wedding, and doing my maid of honor duties to help plan my best friend’s wedding! And I am doing a whole 30 to cut out sweets completely! Do any of you have fun plans this month?


Meet The Kappers ::: Keeping Christ At The Center

I am so excited to have the lovely Briana Kapper on the blog today! It still makes me smile to say her new last name:)Not only is she a dear friend but I also look up to her a lot. Throughout their wedding planning process, Aaron and Bri did things a little different than most. I loved their perspective on preparing for marriage so I asked her to write a little bit about it! So brides take note and I hope this helps to any of you!


“Sabrina asked me to write about my experiences with planning a Christ-centered wedding. Honestly, I was seriously intimidated. I’ve known Sabrina since she and my sister were friends in middle school youth group. I’ve watched her grow as a photographer, but more importantly, grow into a godly woman who is daily becoming more confident of who she is in Christ. We’ve had great conversations about what it looks like to be intentional, authentic, and God glorifying women. I admire her heart and her talent, and it was a dream to have her be the photographer for our wedding because of this. So basically, I’m honored that she asked me to write this at all. So, here we go!
Aaron and I were engaged in May 2014 and married in November 2014. We did not have a venue in place until August, which was probably the most nerve wracking thing about the whole process besides the guest list. We wanted a small, low budget, true-to-us, and Christ-centered wedding. I’d like to think we stuck to that throughout the planning process, even though I was overwhelmed by all of it at times. The funny thing is, I had been fascinated and borderline obsessed with weddings for years. I enjoyed every aspect about them from the flowers to the invitations to the bridesmaids dresses to the cake to the venue. Everything. But when it came time to plan my own wedding, I suddenly did not care that much. I mean, I cared because I wanted it to be beautiful, but I didn’t care at the same time. Does that make sense? I just didn’t want to go crazy. Rules are stupid. I mean. Why are flower girls or being surprised that you’re getting engaged necessary? Weddings are about a covenant relationship that reflects Christ and His church. The reception is an excuse for celebrating that. Aaron kept reminding me of that. I would start to dream about details and he’s like, “Bri. Those will be beautiful but don’t lose sight about what a wedding is ultimately for and how we can glorify God through that.” So together, we tried to keep Christ truly at the center.


In July I came across a book I would highly recommend to any bride wanting a Christ-centered wedding. Guess what it is called? “A Christ-Centered Wedding: Rejoicing in the Gospel on Your Big Day,” by Catherine Parks. You don’t have to do everything it says, or anything it says for that matter, but I found it super practical. We found updated traditional vows and a welcome in there that really struck a cord for us that we ended up using for our wedding. But it seriously had some good advice on pretty much every area of anything related to weddings.
There also was a song our friends wrote, that was in my head the whole time we were planning, called, “Even One More.” ( go check them out!) This song just clearly called into better perspective God’s glory and power and grace. I knew it had to be part of our wedding, but it wasn’t until the week before that we decided to have it play while we took communion together and prayed. That ended up being one of my favorite parts of the day. We also had decided to have a time of worship, which was another favorite part of the day. We had our friend Joshi lead and play guitar, while Aaron’s brother Dan played the cajon. It was so beautiful. We sang “Before the Throne of God Above,” and, “Lord I Need You.” We wanted it to be clear for ourselves and our guests, that this day was not about us, but about our need for and dependence on God for everything in life, especially our marriage.

I think something else that was a huge saving grace for us as we prepared for our wedding, and ultimately marriage, was participating in premarital counseling through our church. It was such a blessing to meet with a couple we admired. We read some books, (“This Momentary Marriage,” by John Piper, and “The Meaning of Marriage,” by Timothy Keller), answered questions, and talked about things like discipleship, covenants, worship, roles, communication, finances, and more. It really helped us to keep our hearts directed towards building a foundation for marriage. It also solidified how I already felt about Aaron. I know that with Christ he will lead me well in life and make me a better person, and that with Christ I can learn from him and love him well.


Maybe our faith put the planning process into a different perspective. We wanted to glorify God with our actions, our steps, our decisions. I wanted to honor my parents and myself by sticking to the budget we had set out with. We wanted to take our premarital counseling seriously. We wanted our ceremony to reflect our faith. We wanted the reception to be a time where people could relax, enjoy each other, not feel rushed, and enjoy really good espresso. After everything was said and done, we felt truly blessed by my parents, Aaron’s parents, our siblings, our families, our talented dear friends, and our church families. From prayer, to encouragement, to helping set up, to finances– everyone did so much to help us make it the day we wanted it to be. We are so thankful.”


January 13, 2015 - 8:47 pm

Lynn Parker - So beautifully spoken, Bri!!!! Thank you for sharing this with all of us!!!

January 13, 2015 - 9:12 pm

Erin K. Nolan - A marriage could not have a more solid base than Christ. You are an amazing person and couple.

Ben & Kalli ::: One Year Anniversary Session

I will never forget that first email that Kalli sent me. At the time we didn’t know each other but she had the courage to reach out to me one day. She encouraged me SO much and talked about how she would come to my photos for inspiration. It came literally at the exact moment that I needed it. I was in tears by this out of the blue email and had to know who this girl was. Isn’t it crazy how even just a kind email can leave a lasting impression on someone? It took us over a year but I was finally able to meet Kalli and her husband Ben to do some anniversary photos! She was just as wonderful and sweet as I imagined and a drop dead gorgeous model at that:)I had a blast with these two in the beautfiul fall colors and we had some amazing light! I love how crazy they are about each other still! Marriage is hard and I hear the first year can be even harder. But Ben and Kalli are so intentional about their relationship and it is beautiful to see! So take a look at this beautiful couple and then go send an encouraging email to someone!


They brought their baby, Perry, along!

I didn’t even direct them on this session. They are just natural posers!

I was so excited to find all of this color!!!

This was a favorite for sure! Look at that light!


Patrick & Arielle ::: Tennessee Mountain Engagement Session

Where do I even begin with these two ? I won’t say too much because I have to save that for my maid of honor speech in just a few months! But it was an honor to take a few photos of my best friends and their love this past weekend. They are so perfect for each other and it has been so amazing to watch them grow in their love not only with each other but with God. Patrick is the quiet leader that she needs and she supports him and loves him on a different level because of that. We will be taking more photos here at home but we wanted to document a bit of our time in the mountains. I may have taken some engagement pictures but I am gladly putting my camera away for their wedding. They have the most amazing photographer and person Kenzie! (go look and me amazed at her work).  I am ridiculously excited for her to capture their day and it will be such a fun experience!

November 26, 2014 - 6:04 pm

Amanda Miller - Sabrina, these are gorgeous!!! I started picking favorites and then I had far too many name! Beautiful work! :)