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Original 2016

Oh my goodness, is today’s post special! Every year, 3 of my closest friends and I attend the Original conferenceView full post »

2015 Annual Tennessee Getaway

Every year we go and every year it gets better.The mountains mean the same to us. Especially to my soul sister and I. WeView full post »

Little Traveler Tea Party Bridal Shower

A joy of mine has been to see dear friends fall in love and walk alongside them as they enter into marriage. Tegan isView full post »

1 Year Safe Haven Anniversary

Warning: this will be a very mushy post. I can’t believe today marks the 1 year anniversary of living with two ofView full post »

Cape Cod ::: 2015 Family Vacation

It is the place that holds such a special place in my heart. We have been going to Cape Cod since I was a kid and I tryView full post »

Safe Haven Home Tour Part 1

Back in September, I took a big step of independence. I moved out of my parents’ house and took another step inView full post »

Tennessee 2014 ::: Smokey Mountain Roadtrip

I look forward to this vacation all year long and it never disappoints 3 years ago, I went on a trip with two of my bestView full post »

Halloween Party 2014

The blog here has been a little lonely! But don’t worry because I have oh so many wonderful sessions and weddingsView full post »

Holistic Sabby ::: My Kombucha Obsession

You have seen me post about it all over social media. If you are friends with me, you have seen me drink it in person.View full post »

My Beauty Insecurities and What God Has To Say About It

I am dealing with a problem that I call plain Jane syndrome. It is the feelings of looking ordinary, nothing special,View full post »

How Photography Has Changed Me

I have been thinking and reflecting the past few days about my years as a photographer. I tried to imagine who I wouldView full post »

Let us be women who Love ::: The Manifesto

Let us be women who Love. Let us be women willing to lay down our sword words, our sharp looks, our ignorant silence andView full post »

Holistic Sabby ::: Oil Cleansing

Today I am excited to share with everyone the all natural way that I take care of my skin. I have never had horribleView full post »

Arielle’s Chicago Brithday Weekend

When people hear I from Chicago, they tell me how cool it must be to live close to the city. My response is lame and IView full post »

Gathered ::: March Family Fiesta

Those who know me know that I can’t get enough of Duck Dynasty. They make me laugh my head off but I love whatView full post »

United 2014 Recap ::: Santa Barbara Photography Conference

I don’t know if I have the words to put into today’s blog post. I spent last week in beautiful Santa BarbaraView full post »

Holistic Sabby ::: Eat More Salad!

Welcome back to another edition of my holistic life series This topic is something that is so simple it feels silly toView full post »

My Mini Headshot Session

It is freezing here is Illinois. Too cold for me! I can’t wait for some sunshine and warmth when I head toView full post »

Gathered ::: Jan Community Dinner

I realized in 2013 that I didn’t spend enough time with the ones I loved. I had a great community of people aroundView full post »

Holistic Sabby ::: Chocolate Avocado Smoothie

Hello blog world! I have been away for a bit but I am back in action I am starting a new series this year calledView full post »

2013 Was My Year

I am not really sure where to start this post other than to say I am a different person than I was a year ago. 2013 wasView full post »

Tennessee Portraits

So while in Tennessee on vacation (see yesterday’s post if you want to see the whole trip), we couldn’t helpView full post »

Tennessee Vacation 2013

They say that everything God touches is good, beautiful and perfect. I believe this is true and His hands are all overView full post »

Better Than Starbucks Iced Green Tea Latte

My sweet friend Brittney Snowwhite is the one who started the craziness. She is the one who first introduced me toView full post »