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As Oceans Dive ::: Band Photoshoot

As an artist, it is good to do things outside of your comfort zone and not to get in a rut. Although I am a portrait andView full post »

New Music Giveaway!

For years I have been one of their biggest fans. Two of my good friends Kendel and Shep are super talented. She singsView full post »

Noah Senior Pictures :: Second Shooting for Jan Nohling

This blog has seen plenty of pictures of this kid. He is my younger brother and I can’t believe he is growing up!View full post »

Steph :: Portraits

Meet my sweet sweet friend Steph We have been friends for quite a while. We have been through so much together and I amView full post »

Crave Picture Party pt 2

                                &View full post »

Crave Picture Party Pt 1.

I am apart of an amazing community called Crave. We are a college group who loves the Lord and loves each other. I am soView full post »

New friends, Undiscovered Talent, and A New Secret Spot

Meet Tyler and Zach. They are best friends, business partners, and they are super handsome Check out their renderingView full post »

Becky | Headshots

Are you ready for some gorgeousness? Is that a word? Anyway many of you have seen Becky before on my blog! She is aView full post »

Tony | Navy Session

Hello blog world! Haven’t blogged in a while but I am back and have some great sessions to share! The first is ofView full post »

Arielle | Portraits

I am so excited to share these with you all because they came out SO good! I am also excited to have my sweet friendView full post »

Cherry blossoms, sock buns, and Titanic tears.

I had such a great Easter weekend (and I hope you did too)! Whenever my family from St. Louis comes to town, it isView full post »

Kelly: Anytime Session

I shot this session yesterday and I am blogging it today … shows how excited I am about these!! My dear friendView full post »

Shelby | Winter 2012

Whenever my cousin Shelby comes to town, we always have a photoshoot. No question about it! She is so beautifulView full post »

Kendel & Shep Pt 1

I am sooooo excited about this blog post!! We shot it last fall and I can finally show all of you ! Meet two of myView full post »

It’s All In The Family Pt 2

Thursday already? Gosh where did the week go?! I meant to blog this earlier this week but with the craziness of my olderView full post »

Fall Friends Pt. 1

I love doing best friend sessions. They are so fun and full of laughter and how cool is it to have awesome pictures as aView full post »

Teddy Pfortmiller | Puppy Portraits

My best friend Tegan got a new puppy and he is just the cutest thing ever! I got to meet him this weekend and take hisView full post »

Brittney | Anytime

You have seen her on this blog so many times but she is such a good model and one of my best friends Here is the latestView full post »


Meet the girl who couldn’t stop laughing aka my new bff Hana I shot this session forever ago and can’tView full post »

Briana Pt 2 | Portraits

I loved this session so much I had to do a part 2 you can see the earlier ones HERE. The sun was so beautiful going downView full post »

Tegan and Reise | the lovebirds

She is my best friend. I arranged a meeting between her and him. and now nearing three years later they are together andView full post »

Cousins part 1

So this week it happens to be cousins week on my blog. I took these pictures on easter and have never gotten around toView full post »

Best Friend| Hannah and Madison

“Friends will sometimes ruin & destroy while my best friend & i will build & restore” ThisView full post »