Alex & Allie ::: Downtown Chicago Engagement

With wedding season just around the corner, I am busy prepping for all of the amazing weddings to come! I say it all the time but I have the best couples. And I love how God brings each couple to me and how I get in on a bit of their story. Alex & Allie are one of those special couples:)They are getting married this June and I have had so much fun getting to know them.  Here is a bit of their story from Allie’s side! I love how he pursued her and won her over in the end!


” Alex and I met in 2010 at church. I was 15 and the pastor’s daughter. It was his mom who set us up, actually. She came up to me after a service, handed me Alex’s number and suggested I text him to get him to go to Sunday school.”






“To be honest, I wasn’t interested and I had no intention of texting him. But later that week I was sitting alone in the house and I was bored. So I shot him a text telling him it would be great to see him in Sunday school. And then he didn’t stop texting me. In the beginning I found him annoying. Why wouldn’t this kid leave me alone? But his persistence paid off because exactly one month after I texted him we went on our first date.”








“As of this January we will have been together for five years, and so much has happened in those five years. We’ve gone to four Proms, we’ve been separated for six weeks while I was in Europe and then eight weeks while I was in Nashville, Alex went to college a year ahead of me and we had to adjust to that transition.”










“I joined him at the same school a year later. Now, as College seniors, we are preparing for graduation, planning our wedding, and anticipating me beginning law school next fall. What a wonderful journey it has been. I have had and will have many adventures, but Alex is my greatest adventure of all.”