January 2015 ::: Instagram Recap

It is February 2nd already! Can you believe it? It seems like just last night I was dancing the new year in with my wonderful friends! It was a good month for me. I This is my off season so I have enjoyed getting to spend more time with friends and slow down a bit. It was hard in a few aspects. The start of my new job has been a transition. I am not a person who handles change very well. But I am learning so much and I am feeling like I found my groove again.

My word for this year has been intentional. I want to be intentional with my days; not letting them fly by while I just exist. I want to be mindful of my time, be intentional in my relationships, and pay attention to the small, daily choices that make up my days. It is going to be a process to learn and live out this word, but I can already see how God is working in my heart. So here is a little recap of 2015 this far!


1. January 1st was a wonderful day and one to remember. We threw a big New Year’s Eve party and it was a blast!
2. Remember my word? My friends and I all wrote our word down and shared it for the world to help keep us accountable to it.
3. This is the year for new recipes. These salmon cakes were so good!
4. I had an idea for a new hashtag: #teatimewithsabby. Yes it is silly and weird to create my own hashtag but I love tea and I love sharing it with people. So throughout the year I want to document all of the wonderful souls and conversations I get to share over tea!



1. My favorite Christmas present has quickly become a treasured item. It is a journaling bible from my parents!
2. Another new recipe and one that I will make all of the time! Lemon chicken and capers…yum:)
3. We had a cold day here at home, so it was snuggle time with my roomates and their pup Zoe.
4. With a new job comes new hours and I have to learn to become a morning person. Thankfully the sun rises and takes my breath away some days!
1. I spent a lot of time with this dear friend this month:)
2. A reminder of how God is teaching me to savor my days and really live them out.
3. I read this book this month and HIGHLY reccommend it!
4. More tea:)
1. My first wedding of 2015 happened and this was my lovely second shooter!
2. Our new community group started and Micah has become a great friend!
3. Light speaks to me and inspires me.
4. I have been reading through Galations this month and the truth in that book has been rocking my world.
1. I had a session with this wonderful couple and it reminded me why I do what I do.
2. My friend Brit has amazing handwriting and wrote some kitchen truth for us.
3. I liked my lunch this day.
4. Another slow morning of savoring the little moments.
1. My roomies and I stepped out of our comfort zones to take cookies to our neighbors. I am excited to get to know them more this year!
2. I photographed my first styled shoot! It was such a fun experience and I will have more to share on that later.
3. This weekend we were snowed in and it was lovely to just slow down. I made my favorite chili recipe!

So on to February! This month I have some fun sessions planned. a wedding, and doing my maid of honor duties to help plan my best friend’s wedding! And I am doing a whole 30 to cut out sweets completely! Do any of you have fun plans this month?