Holistic Sabby ::: Oil Cleansing

Today I am excited to share with everyone the all natural way that I take care of my skin.
I have never had horrible acne problems but I have had my fair share of breakouts. In the past few years I have really struggled with breakouts on my chin and jawline. My skin also runs on the dry side but then parts of it are oily. Weird I know.
So once I got myself on the healthy train and cut out gluten and sugar, I saw improvements in my skin immediately. I fully believe that healing starts with the food we put in our bodies. That is the first thing I would reccommend to anyone struggling with acne or skin related problems. So often we have intolerances and don’t even realize it and it can show on our skin. Sugar is the enemy too and I have even noticed if I am eating too many treats my skin will start acting up again.
So while I was thrilled with the improvements in my skin once going Paleo, I still used a lot of chemicals and other things on my face because I didn’t know otherwise. When I heard about oil cleansing I was really interested. I already used coconut oil to remove my makeup and saw how great that worked. So I started researching and experiementing. Now I can say I will never go back to old face washes and acne treatments! I am no expert by any means but I still wanted to share things I have found that worked. And this doesn’t mean I have a flawless face all the time either. So if you see a zit on my face, don’t come up to me saying I thought you oil cleansed and was set to go. Not one bit. If I am touching my face, stressed out, eating too much sugar, or it is just that time of the month, my skin will act up. But even when that happens, my body regulates and it usually goes away in a few days. Huge change from how it used to be!

So to start cocnut oil is the end all be all. I can’t get enough of this stuff. I used it every day first as a makeup remover. It doesn’t sting my eyes and the makeup comes off so easy. So that is my first step. As you can see, our container is a little battered because my family uses coconut oil on and in everything! So I keep a little jar of it in my bathroom.

After taking off my makeup, I mix more cocnut oil with one these two oils: castor oil or jojoba oil. I rotate between those every few days. Those oils can be harsh if used alone so I always mix it with coconut oil. There probably is a exact measurement of how much to use but honestly I have no idea. I just do a few drops of each and that works for me. I then take a hot washcloth and hold it over my face and let the steam do the work. I do this for a few minutes or so. After that I rinse my face and dry it off. Then I add even more oil to sleep in. I like the argon oil just because it feels good and I apply that all over and leave it on all night.


And that is basically it for my daily routine. Sometimes I get lazy and just use coconut oil to wash my face and is fine too! I also put argon oil on in the morning too just to moisturize.

The other two things I can’t live without is tea tree oil and Redmond Clay.
I use the clay as a face mask and this stuff is magic people. Even my brother tried it and was hooked.
I wouldn’t do it every day as it can be drying but I try and do it once or twice a week and I love it!
I also use it as a spot treatment at night.
Tea tree oil is also a miracle worker and I can’t live without that. I use it on my face for zits that pop up but I also use it on every cut or sore I have because it is powerful! I always dilute it though with water because it is so potent. My friends hear me talk about it alot haha and I am warning you that it doesn’t smell good.

So that is my skincare routine! Look up more on oil cleansing to read about the benefits and the science behind it or to find more exact measurements. I just do my own way and I love it! I am even crazy enough to post a picture of my makeup free face on the internet. I will probably regret it because my eyes look so tired but you get the gist of it. In the past I would feel the need to have makeup on to cover things so this shows that you can even go without once you start with oil!


If you have questions I would be glad to answer! There may be an adjustment period for some when your skin gets really bad. I didn’t have that but I know some people do. But push through and give it a few weeks and see how you like it! The nice thing is that these last for so long too because you are using so little. Again I am no expert but I hope some of you may want to try this!


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April 9, 2014 - 4:22 pm

Briana Elsik - Yes!!! I’ve been doing this for over a year, and it has drastically improved my skin as well. I have mine mixed up ahead of time. I had been using EVOO, Jojoba, Tea Tree, and Castor (Mainly Castor and EVOO), but I just switched out the EVOO (I read it wasn’t as great as I thought) and switched to Grapeseed Oil. That has made my skin so happy. Now I’m finally at the perfect combination. I haven’t tried Argan oil though…

I want to try that mask.

(I also use three Shaklee products geared towards skin and woman health, that have also made a huge huge huge improvement on my skin and being a lady. And I just said that on the internet. But seriously. I was so over being 24 and still having skin issues.)