Arielle’s Chicago Brithday Weekend

When people hear I from Chicago, they tell me how cool it must be to live close to the city.
My response is lame and I admit that I really don’t know anything about the city and rarely go.
I am a country girl at heart and every time I would go to the city things happen that just stress me out. Like a bucket of water dumping on me from a high rise…. I can laugh now about it!
Anyway, it is a sad thing because Chicago really is a cool city and I now realize I need to go more.
This past weekend my best friend turned 25 and her fiance planned this fun filled trip to downtown Chicago.
It opened my eyes and I can actually say I had a blast in the city!
These two are some of my favorite people and the three of us have fun wherever we go.
So I thought I would share some instagram snaps from our mini get away!


Our hotel was super nice and so we had to celebrate drinking that fancy water:)


We started the day with lunch at Epic Burger which was sooo good! Such a cool vibe inside too.

Then we went to check out this well known coffee shop Intelligentsia. That’s where the cool people go I think. Except I am the totally uncool one that has to ask for ice cubes after the barista spends 5 min getting my tea temperature exact. Yeah I am a bit odd with the temperature of my drinks:)


Next we went to the Willis tower. Which was cool after we got up there but the near hour and a half wait was not worth it sorry. It was the never ending line and a patience builder haha but still an experience!

After that we got ready for dinner at this AMAZING brazilian steakhouse. It was my first time at a steakhouse like that and I almost died. It is a joke for Paleo people that all they do is eat a ridiculous amount of meat and if so then I fit the stereotype that night. So good and so much fun!


Our good friend David just moved into a new apartment so we went to check out his new place! Then we went to an improv show that I didn’t get a pic at. That was hysterical and I love shows like that.

That was a full day wowza.

The next morning we went to church at the Harvest Cathedral and I loved it! It was a beautiful building and I loved worshiping there!

Then we hung out a bit more and took top secret pictures in the park that I can’t share until later. But it was good way to end our trip!

And that was our weekend in the city!! I have decided to give Chicago a second chance and I will for sure go more often now:)


And I had to include a few pictures that Pat took. We like to banter whose the better photographer and don’t tell him but I think these are really good:)