Holistic Sabby ::: Eat More Salad!

Welcome back to another edition of my holistic life series:)
This topic is something that is so simple it feels silly to be blogging about but it has made such a difference for me and being able to eat my veggies. Plus when I posted on Instagram, a lot of people seemed interested!
I love salads which makes this paleo lifestyle not so bad.
What I don’t love is assembling them every day and the hassle with trying to put a decent salad together. So then typically I just eat something else when a salad is a much better option.
So I have seen this mason jar method on Pinterest forever and I decided to actually try it! Basically you put together a weeks worth of salad in mason jars and then throughout the week you just grab and go.
If you have a food saver it is even better. You can seal the jars and they last for up to 3 weeks! Saves so much time during the week! And by doing this I eat a lot more salad. For example this week I didn’t do the jars and I haven’t been eating enough vegetables! I can feel it!
Taking healthy meals to work normally involves a lot of containers, but with this it takes me 2 min to have a healthy meal. I am starting to sound like an infomercial but I get excited about stuff like this!
You can put dressing in the bottom but I prefer just to have little jars of dressing on the side so I don’t worry about soggy lettuce.
You can go crazy with your ingredients or if you are like me keep it simple! Just layer the heavier items at the bottom and stuff the rest with your lettuce.
See? So simple but such a gamechanger for me and my meal planning for the week!
Try it friends and eat more salad!



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February 19, 2014 - 11:11 pm

Lora Densmore Cartmell - do you have a food saver or do you just use the mason jars? :)