The Learning To Cook Journey

Before my trip to St. Louis, my aunt called and asked me if I could cook. I thought to myself that I don’t cook much because I am always working but that it can’t be that hard. So I told her that I could and it shouldn’t be a problem.
I soon realized though, I do not know how to cook. After a drama filled night with taco meat, cold chili, and a few other awkward attempts, I knew I needed help. So when I came home I told myself that practice makes perfect and that I will learn to cook. My goal is to make new meals twice a week. My friends have been so helpful this week and let me cook under their guidance. It has been fun trying new things! And both times it came out great! I wanted to share my cooking journey with you all because who doesn’t love food? I will try and get fancier using my own camera but here are my instagram snaps from my first week of learning to cook! By the end of it my goal basically is to become the Pioneer Woman. Look her up if you haven’t heard of her! Also if you have awesome recipes for me to try, please share!

Chicken Florentine

Lemon Chicken