The Ferraro Clan


When I first walked into a financial class at church all by my lonesome self I saw this one couple who looked totally young and in love and I thought gosh I would love to photograph them someday ( as creepy as that is )  I figured they were newlyweds and was super jealous to be honest. Well God has a funny way of working out and she is one of my close friends and my new photographer buddy. Also come to find out that they have three kids and have been married for years!!! The fact that they are still so in love and have been through so much  is a testament to show that they are meant for each other. The whole family is full of love and laughter and that totally shows in the pictures.  I love this family and honestly this was one of my “funnest” sessions and I could not stop laughing. They are a joy and Chantel and Mike are so blessed!!




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